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Two Penniless Princesses - eBook

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Two Penniless Princesses - E book - Charlotte Mary Yonge - Storytel

Soon, by the connivance of their sinister brother-in-law, the princesses are kidnapped by a robber baron and taken to his almost impregnable castle. They are rescued by their two suitors, Jean's faithful Scot and Eleanor's Austrian Archduke, both experienced cragsmen, who scale the walls of the castle and bring them back safely to France.

There, their joy is turned to grief, for their sister has died. Until the princesses are kidnapped the plot is slow-moving and interest is mainly maintained by the interaction between the characters. This is well shown in the relationship between the arrogant beautiful Jean and the gentle talented Eleanor whose gift for second sight is socially embarrassing for her, but informative for the reader.

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