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  1. The Original Unhappy Endings of 3 Famous Fairy Tales
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  3. Top 10 Gruesome Fairy Tale Origins
  4. Top 10 Gruesome Fairy Tale Origins - Listverse

Lucy Hall survive, along with Dr. Hall's little cancer patient.

The Original Unhappy Endings of 3 Famous Fairy Tales

The presence of a happy ending is one of the key points that distinguish melodrama from tragedy. In certain periods, the endings of traditional tragedies such as Macbeth or Oedipus Rex , in which most of the major characters end up dead, disfigured, or discountenanced, have been actively disliked. In the seventeenth century, the Irish author Nahum Tate sought to improve William Shakespeare 's King Lear in his own heavily modified version in which Lear survives and Cordelia marries Edgar.

Tate's version dominated performances for a century and a half, Shakespeare's original nearly forgotten.

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Edmund Kean played King Lear with its tragic ending in , but failed and reverted to Tate's crowd-pleaser after only three performances. Only in did William Macready at Covent Garden successfully restore Shakespeare's original tragic end — Helen Faucit 's final appearance as Cordelia, dead in her father's arms, became one of the most iconic of Victorian images and the play's tragic end was finally accepted by the general public.

Most subsequent critics have not found Tate's amendments an improvement, and welcomed the restoration of Shakespeare's original. Happy endings have also been fastened — equally, with no lasting success — to Romeo and Juliet and Othello. There is no universally accepted definition of what a happy ending is; such definitions can considerably vary with time and cultural differences. An interpretation of The Merchant of Venice ' s forced conversion of Shylock to Christianity is that it was intended as a happy ending.

As a Christian, Shylock could no longer impose interest, undoing his schemes in the play and ending the rivalry between him and Antonio, but more important, contemporary audiences would see becoming a Christian as a means to save his soul cf.

Top 10 Gruesome Fairy Tale Origins

Romans In later times, Jews and non-Jewish opponents of anti-Semitism strongly objected to that ending, regarding it as depicting a victory for injustice and oppression and as pandering to the audience's prejudices. Most interpretations of the legend of Don Juan end with the protagonist rake being dragged off to Hell , in just retribution for his many sins for example, the ending of Mozart 's Don Giovanni.

However, Busenello's libretto changed the tragic ending provided by Virgil, in which Dido commits suicide after Aeneas abandons her. In Busenello's version Iarbas, King of the Getuli, shows up in the nick of time to save Dido from herself, and she ends up happily marrying him. If the giant kills Jack, we have missed the whole point of the story.

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The faes fly into battle, human soldiers attack, and people are turned into goats. The over-long sequence feels as if the sequel has borrowed left-over special effects from Avengers: Endgame for a big splashy ending. Until then, though, Maleficent: Mistress of Evil swoops you along with ease. Like so many Disney films, it is a commercial calculation with a just a splash of magic. Love film?

Top 10 Gruesome Fairy Tale Origins - Listverse

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