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  1. The Fall and Rise of Dartmouth Frats - The Dartmouth Review
  2. Abed Nadir
  3. An encyclopedia of philosophy articles written by professional philosophers.
  4. Dartmouth College's Preeminent Independent Newspaper. Founded 1980.

Abed is then reunited with Troy, who managed to free himself from his obligations to the AC school. Troy tells a horror story about him and Abed as jet fighter pilots who end up being sewn together. They give up their bedroom for her in order to keep the Dreamatorium. Heidi that the Study Group also attends which results in a number of eccentric flashbacks. Abed falls for one of the game's characters, Hilda.

During Abed's fourth year at Greendale, he continues his therapy with Britta and has anxiety about this possibly being the last year the study group is together, now that Jeff is graduating. He also deals with the fact that Troy is now in a relationship with Britta. He and Troy later go to an Inspector Spacetime convention where he meets up with another online friend named Toby Weeks.

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At school he is surprised to discover another online friend who is aligned with a campus clique the study group is feuding with. Abed attends a Sadie Hawkins dance with two different dates in order to live out a classic sitcom trope, only to be caught up in a real-life romantic plot twist. Eventually Abed accepts that Jeff is moving on from school and he creates a special graduation gift for him. He researches and maps out a detailed timeline of each study group member's life before Greendale, hoping to show that it was their destiny to become friends.

While there, he meets up with another fan of " Inspector Spacetime ", whom he met online. After graduation, Abed found it difficult to find a film job. He did a commercial for Jeff but wasn't paid when he left the project due to creative differences. Once Jeff accepted a job at Greendale as a Law professor, Abed and the rest of study group re-enrolled. His first class back he has a nervous breakdown studying actor Nicholas Cage's body of work.

Abed joins a special " Save Greendale Committee along with the rest of the study group. He later comforts his best friend when at Troy is assaulted by the " Ass Crack Bandit ". Upon learning of Pierce Hawthorne's death, Abed joins the study group in mourning him.

A man named Mr. Stone , acting under instructions from Pierce's will, gives the group a polygraph test. It's revealed Abed has access to Jeff's Netflix account, installed geotracking devices in each study group member and manipulated Annie with a fake Facebook account.

The Fall and Rise of Dartmouth Frats - The Dartmouth Review

Stone told Abed that Pierce always thought he was crazy and bequeathed him a liquid nitrogen cooled cylinder of Pierce's sperm. Abed is later forced to say goodbye to Troy who is leaving Greendale to pursue an amazing opportunity. In his honor, Abed hosts a campus wide game of "Hot Lava" to say goodbye to his best friend. Abed reunites with Rachel and tries to convince Annie to let his girlfriend be their new roommate.

When Greendale is about to be sold to the Subway corporation , Abed, Dean Pelton and Annie lead the rest of the committee on a desperate quest to save the school. They end up bonding over the incident and Hickey helps Abed with a screenplay. Abed returns for a sixth year at Greendale triumphant after having rescued the school from closing. However, one task that Abed's Save Greendale Committee did not complete which led to a disastrous outcome.

Although worried at first, Abed accepted her and inventor Elroy Patashnik into the group. He and Annie agreed to let Britta stay at their apartment after her parents reached out to them on Facebook. He teamed with Elroy to protect a birds nest and was tricked by Britta to throw a party at his apartment. Abed and the committee dealt with a hacker leaking their personal emails and convicts attending school via telepresence robots.

Abed reluctantly agreed to shoot a film using unused footage of Chang, who had briefly become an Internet sensation. During production he learned about Jeff's growing depression about his friends leaving him behind. While on a road trip with the committee, Abed envisioned several flashback scenarios he wished could have happened. Later, Abed filmed Garrett's proposal to his girlfriend Stacy and then for his own personal amusement documented the committee attending the wedding. He competed in a secret campus paintball game and worked with the committee to find out who has organized the contest.

At the end of the year Abed announced his summer plans to work as a production assistant on a new TV show. When it was time for him to go, Jeff drove him to the airport along with Annie who had a summer internship at the FBI.

Abed Nadir

Abed joined the study group to meet people and to learn Spanish. Although Abed is well-liked and accepted by the group, he admits to being the outcast due to his inability to understand or properly express emotions. The observer of the group, he often sits quietly while everyone talks and argues, occasionally entering the conversation with a reference to a TV show or movie that is analogous to the situation.

Abed became best friends with Troy Barnes and they are usually seen hanging out together and coming up with crazy ideas to put into action. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Gubi Nadir father , Unnamed mother, Abra cousin. Jeff Winger Joel McHale. Britta Perry Gillian Jacobs. Abed Nadir Danny Pudi.

Shirley Bennett Yvette Nicole Brown.

An encyclopedia of philosophy articles written by professional philosophers.

Annie Edison Alison Brie. Troy Barnes Donald Glover. Ben Chang Ken Jeong. Craig Pelton Jim Rash. Pierce Hawthorne Chevy Chase. Categories :. Cancel Save. Abed Nadir. Cool, Cool cool cool. It is hinted that Abed has Asperger's syndrome, reflected in his inability to pick up on social or emotional cues " Pilot ". Abed is quite intelligent, fluent in three languages English, Polish and Arabic and possesses keen observational skills. He often accurately predicts other people's behaviours " Debate " although it's shown he is not infallible " Virtual Systems Analysis ".

Dartmouth College's Preeminent Independent Newspaper. Founded 1980.

He'll draw connections to real life situations through pop culture and meta references gained after years of watching TV and movies " Pilot ". However, he has problems understanding emotions and has a particular difficulty with sarcasm " Accounting for Lawyers ". Besides his love of filmmaking, Abed also likes to indulge in role-play and often assumes different characters from various genres of entertainment. Occasionally he'll go too far in these roles which has threatened his friendship with Troy " Contemporary Impressionists " and the rest of the study group " Contemporary American Poultry ".

Even with his eccentricities, Abed has been shown to be very attractive to women " Physical Education " , " The Art of Discourse " and claims to have made out with the prettiest girl on campus " The Art of Discourse ". After Britta has him and the study group take a personality test " Competitive Ecology " , the results suggested that he is the sanest member of the group " Horror Fiction in Seven Spooky Steps ".

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Britta , I've got self-esteem falling out of my butt. That's why I was willing to change for you guys because when you really know who you are and what you like about yourself, changing for other people isn't such a big deal. School year synopsis In his first year at Greendale, Abed introduced himself to Jeff and provided him detailed information not only about himself but also their Spanish classmate Britta Perry.

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I am hoping we can move away from the soapy relationship-y stuff and into bigger, fast paced, self contained escapades. School year synopsis Abed's second year at school sees his friendship with Troy become even stronger.