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  1. Zwei Erkenntnisformen vom 18. Jahrhundert bis zur Gegenwart
  2. Reviews: Studia Neophilologica: Vol 42, No 2
  3. von Alois Payer

The first all-female Indonesian pop group that could play their instruments and sing, Dara Puspita also attracted the attention of Indonesian president Sukarno who labeled Western rock music "a form of mental disease. The tracks featured on this compilation were recorded at the height of Dara Puspita's popularity during the immediate post-Communist era of General Suharto's new order; a time when Indonesia's musicians and artists were finally capable of launching their own creative renaissance. This collection is guaranteed to appeal to all fans of the beat a-go-go era of the mid-late s and is a significant missing piece of the global pop music history puzzle.

Every single track is a classic, the sound quality is superb, and it should only take one listen to become completely addicted to and charmed by this legendary Indonesian group. Second album by this German band.

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Their first album was a pleasant surprise of instrumental music, drawing on surf, soundtrack music etc. This album has some vocals and some remixes of earliers tracks. Side A showcases O PIONEERS in their original two-piece lineup and the song starts out as a mid-tempo jaunt of punk rock energy before careening down the road to darker and more dissonant territory.

Blasting metallic hardcore fusing the melodic influence of Japanese "Burning Spirits" hardcore with straight forward attack of US thrash and the dark tone of European Crust. Desolation went on hiatus shortly after their self-tilted prank debut LP of , but return with a new vocalist and three new tracks.

They sound novel and familiar all at the same time. The vocals call to mind early Hot Water Music, but the song writing is less traditional and more punk at the same time.

Zwei Erkenntnisformen vom 18. Jahrhundert bis zur Gegenwart

Noodling guitars scale the fretboards, but not in a crummy tech metal way. The songs sound like they are written with a nod to the mid-nineties era bands but this is still punk. Prank was originally slated to release an LP by Ice Nine in , but the band broke up before it was recorded. Three new tracks that pick up right where they left off. Musically, though, it's probably not what you think, it's better given the ex members list.

Adolescents meets Dead Kennedys? Five songs that go by quick, including what I think is the first instrumental on a Dirtnap release, although at this point it's starting to get real hard to keep track of that shit. Complete with songs about brainless friends and revenge on an ex, this stuff is just pissed enough to avoid sounding too sugary. It's just as catchy but with a more deliberate pace and a gruffer vocal approach.

They close out the record with a cover of "Ray of Sunshine" by short-lived Berkeley based band Go Sailor. Their debut release bears influence of their other bands' signature styles, but it has an awesome new sound and style all its own coming from the chemistry created by the combining of them all into one. Three lead vocalists each with a distinct, varying style will keep you guessing what's next from song to song.

They play straight forward, poppy and thrashy punk jams. The band name really says it all This record is incredible! All copies come with digital download code! It's always a thrill to see what Timmy will do next, either in a studio or perhaps walking down the street. The A-side is grimy as hell and sounds a bit like early Dead Boys. B-side carries a similar vibe but with a healthy dose of heroine soaked Bad Seeds. Edition of Classic punk-rock that stands the test of time.

The full-length is here for everyone to enjoy. Comes on coloured vinyl. Hyde," and "Sink of This and That. Studio demos and outtakes This is the one record you really need next Never Mind The Bollocks and the first four 7"s. Now on vinyl in a gatefold jacket. Plus 2 bonus tracks incl. When everything has been done, go back to the start and do it again. Do it right. Do it better than it's been done before. When it comes to classic pop punk it all starts and ends with the Ramones. The Varsity Weirdos are one of the few bands hanging from the Ramones family tree that somehow manage to take what's been done, but make it sound all their own-a rare feat in the post Screeching Weasel and Queers world.

They don't do it by adding unnecessary extras for the sake of it. They don't do it by merging the tried and true with some new and improved garbage. They simply do it by playing true to what they love. Sincerity goes a long way in a genre filled mostly with songs about bubblegum and the junior prom. You either hate the genre or you love it- there's very little room for fence-sitting. Can't Go Home might not make converts out of any of the haters, but it's sure to serve as a strong reminder to all the lovers why they still give a shit about classic pop punk.

You get the original album in all its remastered glory on Disc 1 and on Disc 2 you get "Georgia Peaches" a x9 trk disc of previously unreleased live material from Georgia, plus x2 bonus studio outtakes, including a David Bowie mix from ' Tracklisting: Disc: 1 1. Search And Destroy 2.

Art, Fiction, & History: The Work of W.G. Sebald

Gimme Danger 3. Penetration 5. Raw Power 6. I Need Somebody 7. Shake Appeal 8. Death Trip Disc: 2 1. Introduction 2. Raw Power 3. Head On 4. Gimme Danger 5. Search And Destroy 6. Heavy Liquid 8. Cock In My Pocket 9. Open Up And Bleed Doojiman Outtake from the sessions for Raw Power Two more singles followed and then they recorded an album that should have crowned their glory. But it did not come out on LP until and is now out of print. So here is your chance to discover one of the greatest Texas punk bands. Fronted by T. From onwards, they were a popular live draw, especially in NYC.

It's often said that 'History Smiles on the Worthy' - in this case, History is beaming a shit-eating grin like no other as it looks back at the Senders career. Essential listening!


Reviews: Studia Neophilologica: Vol 42, No 2

Digital remaster of this cassette-only release. Produced by Jimmy Miller. A very welcome reissue. There's also a Philadelphia scene report, columns, tons of reviews and more. Recorded with a full line-up "live in the studio", a raging session showcasing many of the classics, a few newer hits and an exclusive medley a conglomerate of five songs all sprawled across three custom 8-inch records housed in a branded wooden box set. As reflected in the retail price, only the highest quality materials and printing processes have been utilized. Absolutely mandatory for collectors, vinyl enthusiasts, and those looking for a supplement to the raw rehearsal demos ejaculated in the early '90's.

Comes with a free download card for a digital copy of the Hell's Headbangers label sampler 40 kick ass tracks free! This picture disc is made extra special not only by the inclusion of "Who Will Deliver Us From Gold and Planets" by CURRENT 93 - an introductory collage destruct that was created at the request of Maniac and is dedicated to him, but also because the artwork that is used for the side containing this track is part of one of Tibet's own paintings. No repress. Track Listing: A1. A Valley Below Demo Version.

von Alois Payer

Comes with insert sleeve. Including lyric sheet. Another great Scandinavian metal outfit! Features restored album artwork taken from the film, Black Sabbath. Comes with an insert and foil-printed hardboard black jacket. Haunting corpses with shrieks of underrated sick thrashing death metal from the grave, Luck Of The Corpse is a prime example of just how death metal the '80s could get.

Despite it's release in as the first band signed to Relapse Records, Deceased's debut album reanimates tracks primarily written and demoed throughout ''89 and easily stands ground with Possessed, Necrovore, early Death, and demo-era Morbid Angel.

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  6. With a background of demo tapes throughout the '90s and their debut full-length endorsed by the Ross Bay Cult, the Filipino Antichrist's succeed in making this hi-speed attack even more rewarding than before.