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  1. Managerial economics with global perspective
  2. What Is Managerial Economics?
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Based on the evaluation provided, it is inevitable to note the significant role managerial economics has in warranting managerial challenges are handled in the manner possible using diverse economic concepts and decision science techniques. After completing this course, you should be able to: [1]. Brickley, J. Managerial economics and organizational architecture. Froeb, L. Managerial economics.

  1. Scope of Managerial Economics.
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Courses within this programme module:

Views Read Edit View history. Every decision involves an opportunity cost which the cost of those options which we let go while selecting the most appropriate one. People usually think about the margin or the profit they will earn before investing their money or resources at a particular project or person.

Decisions making highly depends upon the incentives associated with a product, service or activity. Negative incentives discourage people, whereas positive incentives motivate them. Communication and market affect business operations.

Managerial Economics Ch1 Introduction to decision making concepts and terms

To justify the statement, let us see the following related principles:. This principle says that trade is a medium of exchange among people. Everyone gets a chance to offer those products or services which they are good at making. And purchase those products or services too, which others are good at manufacturing. Markets mostly act as a medium of interaction among the consumers and the producers. The consumers express their needs and requirement demands whereas the producers decide whether to produce goods or services required or not.

Government intervenes business operations at the time of unfavourable market conditions or for the welfare of society. One such example is when the government decides minimum wages for labour welfare. For the growth of the economy of a country, the organisations must be efficient enough to produce goods and services.

Managerial economics with global perspective

If there are surplus money available with people, their spending capacity increases, ultimately leading to a rise in demand. To reduce unemployment, the government brings in various economic policies into action. These policies aim at boosting the economy in the short run. Such practices lead to inflation.

What Is Managerial Economics?

Specifically, managerial economics utilizes particular concepts and quantitative methods to ensure the maximal use of resources and minimization of waste. Practical applications might involve:. Once leaders understand concepts such as these, they can be practically applied to almost any financial scenario they might face. Although theoretical in nature, managerial economics is ultimately meant for real-world use, such as in the scenarios below.

A company has been plagued over the past few years by financial scandals involving top management. Devoid of effective board oversight, CEOs and other high-ranking individuals have embezzled large quantities of money from shareholders and engaged in other immoral financial practices.

Courses within this programme module:

The company is trying to ensure that a new board of directors will have the backbone and impetus required to effectively prevent these incidents from happening in the future. But critics say this will create unrealistic expectations among investors that every act of fraud will be caught. A country provides free health services for its citizens. However, the government faces the challenge of meeting increasing healthcare demands using finite resources. The government must decide how to best use its money.

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