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  2. "To Kill A Mockingbird -- Matar a un ruiseñor "
  3. Don Quixote (Version Original)

Rating details. More filters. Sort order. Similar to Don Quijote I'd say, in the way it envelopes you in the narrative, with its many twists and turns, other stories built in the main one, specially in book 1. Like Don Quijote, I believe the first book prepares us for books 2 and 3, where the narrative starts changing the tone. His adventures and choices of the first pages, become a crust of his own persona now.

One starts to feel the grip of fate, or that which we call the consequences of our decisions and our actions. Now the jovial tone of the beginning became dark. At one point, I thought I was reading about one of those corrupted CEOs or politicians of our century, about scam after scam, all in costumes and a Renaissance background! I thought how similar human nature was at this time in history, and how different the background and environment.

The end portion, when he is at the gallows and he repents and changes heart completely, was strange. It was credible, I won't say it wasn't.


It simply happened so fast. He almost died trying to be good nobody believes this time you are simply doing good , but he doesn't. He lives to tell the tale of his life, and to tell us what not to do, how not to be. It's impossible to give you a just account of this book. The feel, the language, what it contains, is larger than life.

I may tell you barely about the plot, but the reflections, rants, humor, stories, philosophical digressions, descriptions, morals, action, incredible events, and everything that takes place, and HOW it's told, are something you either want to experience or not. If you decide to experience it, you won't regret it. I give it four and a half stars because books like this are unique. When we read books in Spanish in the sixteen hundreds, or late fifteen hundreds, we don't have them by the thousand, nor even by the hundred. Time has left us with a sample, some books which we know were also popular and well read at the time, and they are our precious jewels, the bastions of a bygone era, and a bygone language.

That is why it's so amazing we also have an English translation of the time. When reading a book like this, not only the plot is unique to the times, the color and flavor of the book, but the style is different, so different and yet so modern. The book takes you through a rich life, and the changes are not just external, but internal. As I said, there's many stories inside the story, action and reflections. If you have read Robinson Crusoe, first published in , even though a century later, you can get an idea of what I mean by that mix of action and philosophical pondering.

By the way, if you feel intimidated or not willing to attempt this book, The Life of Lazarillo de Tormes The Life of Lazarillo de Tormes is a short and perfect example of this genre. I enjoyed this book very much.

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Long books may be off putting, they were to me at one point , but not so much anymore, if they are the right long book. It's a great pleasure to have grown in reading enough as to enjoy books that you will inhabit for quite some time, they become long known friends, to the point they stop appearing long and impossible, but they become comforting and familiar.

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She is a recipient of the National Prize for Literature. In , she began a career as Spanish and literature teacher at high school level in several public schools in Santiago, such as the Instituto Nacional and the Liceo Carmela Carvajal. During the last thirty years, Eltit has lectured and participated in conferences, seminars and literature events throughout the world, in Europe, Africa, North and Latin America.

Through her career several hundreds of Latin American young writers have participated as students at her highly appreciated literature workshops. In , after the military coup, Eltit decided to stay in Chile.


"To Kill A Mockingbird -- Matar a un ruiseñor "

During several periods she has been representative of the Council of Chilean Universities to the Book National Council, where policies with regard to book publishing and reading practices are defined and promoted. She has written for many journals and newspaper. Most recently she collaborated for several year in The Clinic and now she writes opinions por El Desconcierto , both in Santiago.

CADA struggled for reformulating artistic circuits under the Pinochet dictatorship. In , Eltit published her first book, Una milla de cruces sobre el pavimento , a volume of essays.

Don Quixote (Version Original)

She claims that this is the best method of slimming she has ever come across. Yes, I know it sounds too good to be true, but take a look It sounded too good to be true - and it was I had been right. He was too good to be true. The wit, charm and intelligence were genuine but flawed by an inability to face the truth to be too much of a good thing a six-month period in which to be moderate in your eating habits.

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