PDF Dream Interpretation: A Biblical Understanding

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  2. Dream Interpretation According to the Bible
  3. Dream Interpretation: A Biblical Understanding - Herman H. Riffel - كتب Google
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Uncover Hidden Dream Meanings

I have other books on dream interpretation but what drew me to this one was it references the scriptures associated with the word as well as the meaning. The draw back to this book is that it is Ira Milligan. Read description. Go to Basket. If you like this you may also like Dreams Revealed: Handbook for Biblical Dream Interpretation Full Product Description Dreaming is a time when God has our undivided attention, and He can speak to us, without us talking back or busying ourselves with something else that drowns out His voice.

He uses dreams to tell us things about our purpose, prayers, character, and even hidden sin. An incredible amount of information is available to us in dreams if we will tap in to them and get understanding.

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As part of the "Dreams Revealed" series, the handbook for biblical dream interpretation provides the basic tools and information to get dreamers started understanding dreams. The book contains the scientific and spiritual basics of dreaming, an explanation of what to do with dreams, instructions for how to interpret dreams, and a dream symbol dictionary to explain the spiritual meanings behind words.

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Add to Basket Go to Basket. No problem! Sometimes a Bible verse can be given to you in a dream to show you that God cares about you, or that you were made in His image and should be happy with yourself.


Dream Interpretation According to the Bible

These little pick-me-ups may be just exactly what you needed to goon with your day. The only way to truly know what the Biblical scripture meant in your dream is to remember what the verse itself was. Then, you can dissect the verse to find out what the meaning behind it is.

Dream Interpretation According to the Bible

Lucky for us, verses tend to have a very obvious meaning behind them, so knowing why the verse was given to you will be easily known. A dream in which a Bible is burning can be extremely unsettling, especially for Christians or anyone who knows the scripture in which burning the Bible is a horrendous sin.

Dream Interpretation: A Biblical Understanding - Herman H. Riffel - كتب Google

That being said, seeing this with your own two eyes may be one of the most frightening things you can witness, and you may feel like God has betrayed you in some way. However, unlike what you may think, a burning Bible in a dream has nothing to do with sinning or betrayal. A burning Bible in a dream is simply means that are going through a really difficult time and may not be able to see the right path or a way out.

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If you have a dream like this, you need to figure out the right path to take to get out of the situations you are in. Handing out Bibles in your dream? This is an interesting one. Dreaming about the Bible is almost always a good thing.

KJV Dictionary Definition: dream

It may mean you have confidence, need confidence and guidance, or simply need to recall things in your life and make changes or improvements. Take a good look at your dream from start to end and you will be able to discover exactly what God is telling you. Have you ever had a dream about the Bible? What happened in your dream?