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Some prime examples are on the menu — with some apropos appetizers all from a particular comedy studio that we still haven ' t managed to quite get out of our system! Please be our guests — and enjoy! Live piano accompaniment by Ben Model at all shows except Aug Programmed by Bruce Lawton. Film notes by Steve Massa "In late a new kind of comedy was added.

Former Mack Sennett bathing beauty Phyllis Haver gives a spirited tour-de-force performance as Roxie Hart in this original fi lm version of the much-adapted play by Maurine Dallas Watkins, of which the current revival of the John Kander and Fred Ebb musical take on the story is celebrating its 20th anniversary on Broadway. Produced and directed without credit by Cecil B. DeMille, this adaptation was considered lost until a print turned up in DeMille ' s personal library and was restored by UCLA in The Silent Clowns Film Series is ecstatic to present the grand finish to its now post centenary celebration of Hollywood ' s greatest comedy studio, fondly known as "The Lot of Fun" and its founder-producer, the legendary Hal Roach.

Just the name " The Hal Roach Studios" elicits smiles and happy memories from classic comedy fans. We ' re thrilled to be spotlighting and showcasing some of our favorite and most beloved comedy performers and creators in films from a studio whose prolific output remains the gold standard from " The Golden Age of Comedy ". T he Misanthropic Mensch, Max Davidson Comedian Max Davidson had been appearing in films since the early ' teens, specializing in playing comic Jewish tailors and merchants.

In he was starred in his own Roach series as a put-upon papa and given a family of crack supporting players such as Spec O ' Donnell and Martha Sleeper to keep him in cinematic hot water.

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Having a long-held interest in the comedies made at The Hal Roach Studios, he took advantage of those trips to locate, visit, and befriend former Roach employees. In this special presentation, Kerkoff will share his experiences, along with little known facts about Hal Roach Studios history — told to him by the very people who made these incredible films! This selection of silent " Gangsters" — Fire Fighters ' 22 , Thundering Fleas ' 26 , Baby Clothes ' 26 and Crazy House ' 28 — demonstrates that the signature gags, plots, and even characters were created in the s, and then reworked over the series ' long history.

Prints for this program courtesy of Jack Roth. An individual of "firsts" in a fledgling industry and art form, his bold decision to shift gears with costumed adventure pictures not only began a string of major artistic and mostly financial triumphs for him — but defined an entire genre and left a formidable legacy and indebtedness of everyone from Errol Flynn, Gene Kelly, Burt Lancaster and Kirk Douglas to Harrison Ford, Bruce Willis, Antonio Banderas and Johnny Depp. The first of these, The Mark Of Zorro and its sequel Don Q , introduced — and then cemented, an archetype that has informed nearly a century of action-adventure cinema and pop culture.

The blend of humor and heroics remains the benchmark that other action films try to reach.

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  • Summer The Silent Clowns Film Series is ecstatic to continue its centenary celebration of Hollywood's greatest comedy studio, fondly known as "The Lot of Fun", and its founder-producer, the legendary Hal Roach. Just the name "The Hal Roach Studios" elicits smiles and happy memories from classic comedy fans. We're thrilled to be showcasing some of our favorite and most beloved comedy performers and creators in films from a studio whose prolific output remains the gold standard from "The Golden Age of Comedy".

    As performers, writers, and directors the pair helped to define exactly what silent comedy was, and would continue their creative run into the first decade of sound. We also have the stage clown Toto who made his only series of films for the studio, and the forgotten Arthur Stone, who briefly headlined in the mids before becoming a busy character player. Saturday, August 8 at pm M.

    ROACH Men In Trouble, that is A recurring and at times, overarching theme in Roach comedies were guys finding themselves in a desperate, mounting pickle — usually with or because of members of the opposite sex. Clever variations on this old chestnut raised this to a high art — while managing to largely disarm any sexism, thanks to deft writing, direction, and casting.


    Saturday, February 1 4 at pm We celebrate Valentine's Day with the studio's often acerbic takes on love and relationships. Satur day, March 14 at 2 : 3 0pm When Hal Roach set up his own studio in , the first person he hired was Harold Lloyd. Satu r day, April 4 at 2 pm Special guest speaker: Rob Stone, from the Library of Congress Laurel and Hardy began their film careers in the 'teens, and worked separately at the studio before their teaming. Special guest speaker: film historian Eric Grayson. She put together the perfect combination of story, cast, camerawork, and production design for this Grimm's fairy tale about a baby farm in the middle of an alligator-laden swamp.

    SPARROWS marked the last time that Pickford would play a child, and as the surrogate mother of a group of orphans she turns in what may be her most sincere and moving performance. Indianapolis-based film historian Eric Grayson will give an immersive presentation of how color began and developed through the history of cinema.

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    • Starting with the three black and white images that represent the color spectrum — Grayson will take the audience on a journey through hand-tinting and stenciling, Kinemacolor, Technicolor, Cinecolor, Kodachrome and Eastmancolor — using entertaining and eye-catching examples of these groundbreaking processes and developments — all presented from actual motion picture film. Having been adapted into numerous plays, novels, Broadway musicals, cartoons, and feature films, for this program we're presenting one of the best versions — Paramount Pictures' silent film.

      Directed by Herbert Brenon with cinematography by the celebrated James Wong Howe, teenaged Betty Bronson beat out seasoned veterans such as Mary Pickford and Gloria Swanson for the lead and turned in a magical performance. Mary Pickford was the first worldwide superstar of motion pictures, pre-dating Chaplin, Keaton and Lloyd with her triple threat powers as a comic, a dramatic actress and a savvy producer. Yet she could "bring a tear or a laugh with equal facility" according to one of her critics.

      In most of her films, she did a little of both. Rediscover why Mary Pickford became beloved around the world with four of her greatest comedy and drama films made during her reign as the queen of the cinema. There has been only one Mary Pickford. DeMille " Mary Pickford knows more about the business than any of us.

      Griffith " Mary Pickford merits the continued affection of the moviegoers of the world. It isn't difficult to see why she managed such a hold on them; she was, in effect, the symbol of what every American expects an American to be. She seems as fresh and vital now as when she was America's Sweetheart. Saturday, June 14 at pm "Amarilly of Clothesline Alley" "Mary Pickford follows her remarkable Stella Maris with another character study scarcely less remarkable, reminding us once more that she is the greatest of all screen actresses," wrote Photoplay in their review of Amarilly of Clothes—Line Alley.

      Saturday, August 2 at pm "Stella Maris " Often considered Mary Pickford's greatest dramatic film, Stella Maris features a tour de force turn by Pickford as both a pampered invalid and an unloved urchin; a performance that, according to Variety, "will make you rub your eyes and look twice to assure yourself it is Pickford.

      Charlie Chaplin - his "unmistakable figure still serves as a symbol of cinema itself" wrote his esteemed biographer, David Robinson. Chaplin was the first film star who quite literally became a sensation overnight and has endured a century as a household name around the globe. Saturday, March 1 at pm Chaplin at Keystone In a moderately successful comic from the English music hall hit the movies and soon became an international phenomenon that would change the face of film comedy and world cinema.

      Spotted on stage by Mack Sennett, Charles Chaplin joined his company and quickly found his way in the comedy pressure-cooker that was the Keystone Studio. Satur day, March 8 at 2 : 3 0pm Chaplin at Essanay After his first whirlwind year at Keystone Chaplin moved over to the Essanay Company for greater creative freedom and better re-numeration. The Mutual films show Chaplin at the peak of his two-reel form, and from these first years in the film industry Chaplin went on to independence at his own studio where he would create longer and more complex comedies.

      Please note that our November and December shows are scheduled for Thursday evenings. This change from our usual schedule is temporary, and we will resume Saturday afternoons in Opening for Mr. One of the foremost is the Library of Congress. Saturday, July 6 at pm Douglas McLean in "One a Minute" The demand for comedy was so great in the silent era that the amount of comedies actually produced has never been fully documented. Saturday, August 3 at pm Louise Faze nda in "Footloose Widows " Silent comedy has always been something of a "boy's club" with the male practitioners getting most of the attention.

      His films should be seen, not just for their historical value, but for their sheer pleasure. Remembered today as the "third genius" of silent comedy, Harold Lloyd began his career in as an extra and worked his way up to being one of the top box office stars of the s. As we wrap up the year, we tie our silents in with the end of the hurricane season, Halloween, and The Big Apple Circus — or just excuses to showcase some of our own favorite screen performers from the silent era.

      Huey Smith & The Clowns – Don't You Just Know It Lyrics | Genius Lyrics

      Special thanks this season to: Bruce Calvert silentfilmstillsarchive. Co-star Betty Compson had gotten her start in Al Christie comedies, and here she and Griffith play rival jewels thieves who form an alliance to steal a valuable necklace. Saturday, July 21 at pm "Hands Up!

      Griffith sort through numerous red herrings to find the killer.

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      Griffith stopped performing after sound came in because he could only speak in a hoarse whisper. Today it's very hard to separate the Arbuckle legend from his work as a comedian, so this is a rare opportunity to take a look at the man who taught filmmaking to Buster Keaton. Saturday, April 7 at pm Forgotten Funny People During the silent era an amazing array of comedic talent assembled to work towards one goal — to make moviegoers laugh.

      In the spirit of April Fool's Day we salute some of the overlooked silent funny persons who were well-loved in their day, but due to the scarcity of their films have gotten lost in the shuffle. Next are two teams — Mr. In addition to his comedy skills, along with Keaton and Douglas Fairbanks, he was one of the greatest acrobats ever captured on film.

      4 year old plays RCM Grade 3 piano Clowns by Dmitri Kabalevsky

      Special thanks to Eric Grayson. Hardy Our last show of the season has Stan and Ollie bringing us the Hal Roach holiday greetings of "Peace on earth, every man for himself, and don't forget to duck. In their comedies, human foibles and the frustrations of everyday life were magnified a hundred times over. Grateful thanks to Film Preservation Associates, Inc. Set in a background of Russian intrigue, the story gives Valentino ample opportunity for derring-do and subtle comedy, making it an ideal showcase for his screen chemistry.

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      Although remembered today for his carousing and being Drew Barrymore's grandfather, Barrymore's films were class A productions. This adaptation of Alexandre Dumas' famous story gave Doug his iconic role of D'Artagnan, and made him the ultimate swashbuckling star of the silent screen. In the late teens and early s, when the golden age of comedy was king — Charlie Chaplin , Buster Keaton and Harold Lloyd — emerged as those artists — and their work has stood the test of time.

      Teamed in a partnership with the young Hal Roach, Harold went from a run of the mill knockabout as the Chaplin inspired character of Lonesome Luke, to the more nuanced and sophisticated physical comedy of his "glasses character". Credited with creating the preview system for trying out films, Lloyd was an innovative producer whose features were constructed on lavish budgets with the precision of a Swiss watch.

      From his start as a child in vaudeville as one of The Three Keatons, he never stopped making audiences laugh until the day he died in Official Links.

      Don't You Just Know It Songtext

      High Blood Pressure Last played on. Bob Fischer. Geoff Barker Rock 'n' Roll. Don't You Just Know It. Huey "Piano" Smith. Happy New Year.