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But the next step for you, whatever that may be, comes after the last. Our steps have to be ordered, just like we order our food. One of the best parts about graduation is all the eating out. I must have ate out with parents and grandparents for like 4 days straight when I graduated high school. It was great. But when you go out to eat and your order food, you expect the food that you ordered to be what they bring out. In the same way, God orders our steps and steps that we are able to take.

Psalm If our steps are ordered, then we must assume that there is some planning involved as well.

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Proverbs Our God directs our steps. Paths are directed.

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Proverbs 3. The key to unlocking God's direction is by acknowledging Him in all our ways.

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You have a lot more freedom than you might have had at home. I can do whatever I want. After two combat tours in Afghanistan and Iraq, I was completely depressed and burnt out. If we are Christians, God directs our paths. And if we let God direct our feet to walk His path, we will be taken care of. Those two years without the church in my life were probably the darkest my life had ever been. If you trust in him, He will take care of you. Just as the verse Kyle mentioned last Sunday night - Romans 8. Let your path be directed by God, and nothing else.

Follow the instructions. Yet, the question of finances always lingered in the back of my mind. Would I get scholarships?

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How was I going to pay for college? My dad was unemployed at the time and I saw no way to attend my freshman year. Just a month before coming on campus, my dad received a contracting job and we scraped enough together for my first semester. I got an on-campus job and paid for all of my own expenses, including plane tickets home for Christmas.

There was never any guarantee that I could return the following semester, and when my dad lost his job in November I had a very difficult choice to make. I had always felt called to Patrick Henry and felt the same call that Christmas, so I decided to act in faith and bought a round-trip ticket.

That Christmas was the saddest Christmas I have ever experienced—we could barely afford groceries and my family was torn apart by the stress of having no money. I reminded God of his promises and pleaded with him to provide for me to attend PHC. I was diligent to seek and knock; I prayed for finances like Elijah prayed for rain. The deadline for semester bills was January 5, and when the day ended, reality began to settle into my soul. God did not want me to attend PHC. Disappointment quickly gave way to bitterness and anger. I was angry that God had not provided for what I had so clearly discerned was his will.

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David Clarke is a licensed psychologist with a full-time practice in Florida, where he does extensive counseling with individuals and families. He earned his Ph. Call Store. Closer to God and to Each Other. By David Clarke.

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