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The cube demonstrates the ability to function both on its own but also independently through ARTI, Mack and as we see in the mined sample under the microscope. How is this simulation theory possible since we saw the investigator Sterling Brooks interact with Mack on several occasions and Mack called a colleague working in China twice?

2036: ORIGIN UNKNOWN: A.I. Focused Sci-Fi Feels Far Too Familiar

For example, the beach scene at the beginning with Mack was a past event and from the time she entered the base the simulation began. In either case, they are completely unimportant to the overall story and are meant to only throw us off. Mack is both alive and dead, AI and human.

She says he's here and not. Prior to her death, as a purely human brain, she sought to prolong her life and right her wrongs even if that meant synthetically. He invented both Hyperlite communication and the cube.

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Mack confirms this when trying to access certain information that ARTI has no recollection of. What this previous event was and the exact reason behind the wipe are not clear.

Review: Katee Sackhoff stands up for humanity in ‘2036 Origin Unknown’

I don't buy this theory though as ARTI explains to Mack at the end that he was enhanced by the cube not the creator of the cube. With all that in mind it may not matter whether she is human or AI, dead or alive, successful or a failure. She is all of these depending on your point of view and that makes this the most interesting of movies.

June 14, Tracy Palmer.

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The pair begin to believe that the priest lost the battle with a demon. With his true love captured by the villainous Sheriff of Nottingham, the legendary Robin Hood and his crew of outlaws execute a daring rescue to save her. Inspired by true events, two sisters are trapped under the fiberglass cover of an Olympic sized public pool and must brave the cold and each other to survive the harrowing night. A male chauvinist guru guides his best prodigy through the art of controlling women, only for the student to find out he is not everything that he seems.

A family must put faith in a mysterious priest when a demonic force, connected to a decades-old murders in their home, possesses their daughter. After a space mining operation gone bad, Troy is on an emergency escape vehicle drifting towards the sun. He gets radio contact with possible help but will they get there in time?

ORIGIN UNKNOWN: A.I. Focused Sci-Fi Feels Far Too Familiar | Film Inquiry

After the first manned mission to Mars ends in a deadly crash, mission controller Mackenzie 'Mack' Wilson Sackhoff assists an artificial intelligence system, A. Their investigation uncovers a mysterious object under the surface of Mars, that could change the future of our planet as we know it. Written by boboTheDinosaur. The low rating and lukewarm at best reviews here and much of the internet made me not sure as to whether it would be good, but there were some great ideas here and the concept sounded like the film would be good intriguing stuff if done right.

After seeing it, ' Unknown Origin' to me was not a terrible film, it has its moments. When it comes to recent low budget recent viewings it is nowhere near close to being one of the worst. A large part of me though was rather disappointed, another example of a film with great ideas and concept and just as great potential but none of them properly lived up to, not completely wasted but this should have been much more.

The not so enthusiastic critical reception is understandable though while sharing a lot of the criticisms directed against it didn't find it that bad. From personal opinion, it did have some atmosphere in the sets, an effective visual claustrophobia and the photography was quite nice, for low budget this could have fared much worse. It does start off well, it is intriguing, sets things up nicely and is not too badly paced.

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The acting was also better than average, with a more than credible lead performance from Katee Sackhoff who had the hard task of carrying much of the film with not much support. Her character was one that didn't annoy or bore me and there was effort made to develop her.

Julie Cox and Steven Cree, added in apparently during post-production, are also fine. However, ' Origin Unknown's' main problem is the story. This is not a case of not trying, more a case of trying too hard. The ending is just weird and impossible to make sense of, also not feeling much of an ending. The sound is also off, being too loud and constant and tending to be favoured over the dialogue.

Ray Fearon is pretty forgettable here and his character is just moving story forward plot device material. The direction is not incompetent but uninspired and shows a lack of experience.

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The over-reliance-on-exposition script doesn't flow very well and just feels half-baked and wordy in a way not always easy to understand. The special effects are very ropy, they don't blend well and the proportions can be inconsistent. Overall, had great potential and Sackhoff especially makes it watchable but suffers from dullness and being over-complicated and half-baked. Start your free trial. Find showtimes, watch trailers, browse photos, track your Watchlist and rate your favorite movies and TV shows on your phone or tablet!

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